Backpack Flags

Backpack Flags

Perfect for marketing on the move! Command attention with our hands free, portable light weight, back pack flags. They are perfect for street promotions, large festivals, events, car shows and more….we’ve even sold these to two guides.

Each kit comes with a high quality backpack which has adjustable shoulder straps, a removable pole and a replaceable flag. They are great alternative to a traditional marketing tool. We offer wholesale rates and bulk discounts.

Backpack Flag Shapes

  • Feather
  • Teardrop
  • Rectangle 
  • Butterfly Wings
  • X Frame Banner flags



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Backpack Flags for Street Promotion Teams, Festivals and more!

Backpack Flags are hands-free, lightweight and portable.
If you’re looking to catch attention at the next festival, event, parade or on the street, backpack flags raise much higher than the average person’s height, therefore, commanding attention.

The custom Printed Flags can be Single or Double Sided printed.
Backpack Flags are replaceable. You will own the backpack and next time you need to change the graphics it will be very economical.

The backpack itself is one size fits all with adjustable straps and a 2 piece high quality fibre glass pole.

Single and Double Sided Flag Printing

Single or Double Sided Back Pack Flags

You have a choice of Single or Double Sided printed Backpack Flags.

Single sided is printed on one side and you can see the other side as a mirror image. This is more economical and a very popular choice.

If you have important text such as phone numbers that you don’t want to see backwards, consider double sided as it’s a true representation of your image on both sides.

There is a block out fabric in the middle to prevent bleed through.

FREE SHIPPING – including Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and more. In New Zealand including Christchurch, Wellington and more. Most areas in Oceania region.

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Single Sided, Double Sided