Bamboo X Frame Banners

Bamboo X-Frame Banner Stands

are an eco friendly and economic way to get your word across.
We offer discounts on bulk orders.

Bamboo X Frames are higher end looking than a regular common X Frame Stand and near the same price.

They work great in retail stores such as holistic and natural medicines, acupuncture, spas, resorts, and anything where you want to present a more natural look.

We offer natural a Matte Satin Banner, with these which make the colours very beautiful and natural.


Each kit includes….

1 Bamboo Banner stand
1 simple dust cover carry case
1 Matte satin banner

Your choice of sizes
– 60 cm x 160 cm 
– 80 cm x 180 cm 

2 ways to order…..

1. Quote for Print Service
2. Give us a call on 0433 920 173


Bamboo X Frame Banner Stands

Bamboo X Frames – Bamboo Banner Stands. We offer further discounts for multiple pieces and big savings on bulk wholesale orders. 

Quick and easy to set up Bamboo X-Frames and Bamboo Banner Stands are hot right now in today’s market. 
We suggest to use matte Satin banners with these Bamboo “Spider stands” as we feel it gives a more natural look.
Vinyl Banners are also available for those looking for outdoor banner stands.

Bamboo X Frame Banners can be used anywhere including spas, offices, natural stores, and retail outlets with lots of plants and foliage. They are extremely portable and you can set up in under a minute. The weight is just a few pounds. 

Bamboo X Frame Banner sizes

60 cm x 160 cm
80 cm x 180 cm

X Frame Banner Stand

Bamboo X Frame Instructions

Bamboo Banner Stands

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