Custom Coins

Custom Coins

Show off your business and Reward employees for their milestones and achievements!

Commemorative Coins and Medallions are very popular with military and other governmental organisations. Typically round, your custom made coins can be die struck into any shape and size!


The most common size is 50mm and we often produce our custom coins in a variety of sizes ranging from 30mm – 50mm.

Thicknesses range between 2 mm – 3 mm

Custom Shapes also available!

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Custom Coins

Our customisable coins have an antique finish which we have listed below and are imprinted with your design.

We offer Custom Challenge Coins, Military Coins, Coins with your Company Logo and More!

A custom challenge coin is a small coin or medallion, with an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the members of an organization. They may prove membership or be given as a gift especially when an achievement is accomplished.
They are also exchanged in recognition to an organization.

Custom Coins with your Logo or Insignia

Our Processes include Die Struck, Epoxy Hard Enamel, Soft Enamel, and Silk Screened.

Soft Enamel Coins

Similar to a Soft Enamel Pin, an enamel coin is die struck and the enamel colours are filled in the crevices, just below the ridges.


Hard Enamel Coins

Similar to a soft enamel coin, the only difference is the enamel colours are filled up to the die line creating a smooth, polished finish.

Glitter Coins

As an added option, we’re able to include glittered enamel colours to parts or the entire design to make it very unique. As you can see, apart from the die struck design the flag colours are accented with glitter enamel colours.


Diamond-Cut Edge Finishings

We have multiple diamond cut edge patterns to add a more luxury detail to your coin design.

Plating Options

We provide a variety of Plating Options for your Custom Coins.  Depending on your design, we will select the closest plating colour to match it.

Keep in mind a High Polish type has a nice shiny polish to the colours and the Antique type resembles a matte look.

Antique Gold | Antique Silver | Antique Copper | Antique Bronze | High Polish Bronze | High Polish Copper  | High Polish Silver | High Polish Gold | High Polish Black Nickel


Coin Packaging Options

After production, each custom coin is usually stored in a polybag to protect it from scratches. 

As an added option, you can choose to include PVC Sleeves, Clear Capsules, Velvet Pouches or Boxes in your order.


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