Custom Patches

Custom Patches

✂️ Customised Options – Embroidery, Woven, or Dye Sublimation: Select from embroidery, woven, or dye sublimation methods to highlight detailed designs and vibrant colours on your patches.

🛠️ Custom Backings – Iron On, Sew On, Velcro, or Adhesive: Customise your patches’ functionality by selecting from various backing options. Choose between iron-on, sew-on, velcro, or adhesive backs to suit your needs.

🎨 Finishings – Merrow, Heat Cut, or Laser Edge Borders: Accentuate your patches’ edges with style. Choose from merrow, heat cut, or laser edge borders for a flawless finish that complements your design perfectly.

🌟 Unique Materials – Rubber or Leather for a Distinctive Touch: To create a standout patch, consider alternative material options. Choose the contemporary appeal of rubber or leather to infuse your personalised patches with a unique touch.

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Customised Patches

Effortlessly customise your patches in 4 steps: choose a shape, size, and finishings. No minimum order although  we offer great deals for orders over 100+.

Explore styles like Embroidered, Woven, Chenille, or Dye Sublimation. Pick a border (merrow edge or laser cut) and a backing (Iron On, Velcro, Adhesive, or Sew On).

Embroidered Patches

👕 Embroidered patches are perfect for creating durable, long-lasting patches for uniforms, as they maintain their quality through numerous washes.

They are well-suited for designs with a moderate level of complexity, offering both durability and visual appeal.
Customize your patches effortlessly with Embroidered options!


Woven Patches

✨ Woven style patches feature a unique texture with a smooth, raised surface, achieved through the use of finer threads.

This style is ideal for patches with intricate details, delivering a more refined design.

For a cost-effective option, particularly in larger quantities, woven patches are an excellent choice for achieving a polished and detailed appearance.

Chenille Patches

🧵 Chenille Patches are loved for their soft, tactile feel, making them especially popular on jackets.

The use of yarn in these patches gives a unique, high-quality look, adding a touch of richness to college and sports jackets.

Elevate your jacket game with the plush texture of Chenille Patches.


Dye Sublimation Patches

🎨 Dye Sublimated Patches are the ideal choice for realistic images with gradients.

Custom printed in full color, they offer unlimited design possibilities.

Unlike embroidered patches, Dye Sublimated patches use no threads, resulting in a smooth, fine texture that brings your detailed images to life.

Rubber Patches

🔥 Introducing our PVC Rubber Patches—a perfect blend of custom design, vibrant colors, and a 3D effect that really pops.

These patches are not only visually striking but also versatile, available with 3M adhesive or velcro for easy attachment or sewing onto your clothing.

 Elevate your style with these bold and attention-grabbing PVC Rubber Patches.


Leather Patches

🪡 Discover our versatile Leather Labels, perfect for jeans and hats.

Customise them easily with embossed or printed logos, and sew them on effortlessly.

Durable and stylish, these labels come in various colours to suit your brand.

Upgrade your products with the timeless appeal of Leather Labels.

Custom Backings for Patches

Iron On: Our most popular option, quick and easy to apply. 🔥

Velcro: Easily remove and replace with different designs. 🔄

Sew On: No backing, keeping them flexible—ideal for fabrics with lots of movement. 🪡

Adhesive: Removable anytime, perfect for short-term use. 🏷️

Custom Backings

Merrow Border

🧵 The Merrowed border offers a clean and simple design, providing a polished finish to your custom embroidered patches. This popular border type enhances durability, featuring a 3mm edge overlap that prevents fraying. It is ideal for patches with simple shapes.

Heat Cut Border

🔪 A hot knife-stitched border is perfect for custom patches with complex shapes. As shown in the picture, this intricate design cannot accommodate a Merrowed Border. Instead, it features a 4mm satin stitch border around the edge.


Laser Cut Edge

🔥 There is no embroidery around the edge. Precise laser cutting ensures that your patch maintains its exact intended shape. This allows your graphics to extend right up to the edge.

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