Custom Printed Folding Hand Fans

Custom Folding Hand Fans

Introducing our exquisite Custom Paper Fans – a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality that will elevate any event to new heights. These beautifully crafted fans are not just accessories; they are a statement of style, a breath of fresh air, and the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

They are perfect for Weddings, Celebrations, Decor, and Promotional Giveaways.

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Personalised Printed Hand Fans

Stay cool from the sun, or stay cool in general!
Our Custom Printed Hand Fans are perfect for giveaways at events, parties, weddings and promotions.
You can print any image in full colour.

Each accordion/chinese-style hand fan is made from quality bamboo ribs and print on paper or high quality poly-silk.

Custom Folding Fan

Available Sizes

Small Length: 21cm, Open Width: 38cm

Medium Length: 23cm, Open Width: 42cm

Large Length: 33cm, Open Width: 64cm

Bamboo Rib Styles and Colours

Custom colours are available!

Stock colour options to choose

Natural, Black , Tea

You can opt to have it with or without the decorated design on the bamboo frame.

Bamboo Rib Colours-2

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