Custom Printed Hand Flags

Custom Printed Hand Flags

🎉 Welcome to our fantastic collection of custom printed hand flags!  Whether you’re gearing up for a special event, promoting your brand, or celebrating a memorable occasion, our high-quality hand flags are the perfect way to make a statement. 


🇵🇭 Hand Flag Sizes

Flag Size Pole Length
10 cm x 15 cm 25 cm
30 cm x 20 cm 40 cm
45 cm x 30 cm 60 cm

Custom sizes are welcome!


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About Our Custom Printed Hand Flags

Elevate any event with our custom-made hand flags. Whether it’s company logos, club emblems, crests, or your own design, Oh My Print Solutions can bring your vision to life. Choose from a variety of sizes, fabric qualities, and single or double-sided printing options. Each hand flag comes with a durable plastic or wooden dowel for easy handling. Experience elegance and style at its finest with our custom hand flags.

Hand Flag Printing Process

Digital Printing allows that there is no minimum order quantity, meaning you can just order 1 flag. There is no limit on colour.

Silkscreen printing has a different pricing structure and is great and economical for large quantities. 


Both 100D and 110 GSM polyester are available.
Typical economy material we use is 100D polyester which is lightweight.

For a more premium look and feel 110 GSM is more durable.

Single Side Print

Single Sided Hand Flags

Single-sided printing with high-quality image reproduction.
Image visible from both sides, but mirrored on the backside.
Suitable for most occasions and a popular choice.
Not ideal for text-heavy designs as readability may be affected when reversed.
Single-sided flags offer a more economical option without compromising quality.

Double Sided Hand Flags

Flags are printed on two separate pieces and expertly stitched together.
A third layer in the middle acts as a block-out fabric, ensuring no visibility through to the other side.
Print the same image on both sides or opt for two different designs.
Perfect for showcasing bilingual content without a reverse mirror image problem.
Double-sided flags exude a premium look and feel, reflecting superior quality.

Double Sided Print

Plastic or Wooden Dowels?

Discover the perfect hand flag solution for your needs with our range of dowel options. If you lean towards an eco-friendly and classic aesthetic, our wooden dowels are the ideal choice.

For those prioritizing lightweight and cost-efficient alternatives, explore our plastic dowel options. Tailor your hand flags to match your preferences and event requirements with our versatile dowel selections.

Telescopic Flag Holder

We recommend opting for a telescopic flag holder, as it offers enhanced durability and sturdiness to support the weight of the flag.
The top diameter of the holder is 6 mm, designed to fit into a 13 mm width sleeve securely.
With a length of 120 cm and 8 sections, this telescopic flag holder provides optimal flexibility and ease of use.

Felt Pennant

Felt Pennant Flag

Try out a Felt Pennant Flag with a plastic or wooden dowel

Excellent for sporting events, school functions or supporting your country!

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