Elegance Display Stand

Elegance Display Stands Sizes 

Our Tension Fabric Elegance Displays are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes.
Lightweight, portable, they come with a padded carry case.

Elegance Displays give a higher end look to your trade show, event or retail environment compared to a typical banner stand.

The difference between the Elegance Display and the Tension Fabric Display is the feet on the bottom which are roughly 10 cm higher from the ground.
You can choose traditional feet or bumper bars.

Elegance Displays are 250 cm high compared to Standard Display which are 240 cm high.

Straight, Serp or Snake Style

Elegance Wave Stands have unique features and shelves

Each event display has a replaceable tension fabric that zips up on the bottom.

Single or double sided

Available Sizes (width x height)

100 cm x 250 cm
180 cm x 250 cm
250 cm x 250 cm
Custom sizes are welcome!

Can be customized with TV brackets or literature stands

Portable and lightweight, each comes with a carry case

LED Lights available

60 cm or wide base bumper bars available

Ipad stands available

2 ways to order…..

1. Quote for Print Service

2. Give us a call on +61 433 920 173



How to set up an Elegance Style tension fabric display stand.

Elegance stands come in Straight, Curved, Snake and other shapes. They are all easy to set up. 

Elegance Display Stand

Our Elegance Displays have the same ultra high quality frame and print as our
Tension Fabric Wave Displays!

These are perfect on their own or in conjunction with other displays to add some depth and dimension.

They give a higher end and more unique look than a typical banner stand.
You will be sure to stand out among the crowd.

Each trade show display comes with a replaceable fabric graphic which can single or double sided with zips on the bottom.

While there are plenty of bases available, we have found that the bottom black base is best for overall look.
Our Elegance Display can be customized for use with a LCD display stand, Ipad stand and literature racks.

Frame for Wave Display

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3' x 7.5', 6' x 7.5', 8' x 7.5', custom