Enamel Pins

Custom Enamel Pins

Custom Enamel Pins and Lapel Pins are very versatile. They are Die Struck into virtually any shape and size.

Enamel Pins have raised metal ridges outlining your design, with a smooth and beautiful colour enamel showing your custom logo, brand, or character.

Popular Sizes

25 mm
32 mm
38 mm
50 mm
Custom size available!


No Minimum Order. But we do recommend atleast 100 pieces as the price difference below this quantity is not that much different.

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Customized Enamel Pins

Our Custom Pins are perfect for Social Clubs, Sports Teams, Companies, Government Entities and resellers. They are also used to accent certain outfits, improve your branding or show affiliation with an exclusive club or association.

Die Struck Pins

Die Struck

Think of a piece of solid metal with a stamped intricate design on it.

The picture on the left shows different die struck designs on different coloured platings.

Soft Enamel

Popular among our customers, these soft enamel pins are the most cost-efficient.

Their recessed design provides a nice texture to the pin and provides an area for the enamel colours to be placed, finishing slightly below the raised metal.

Hard Enamel Pin

Hard Enamel

These pins are very durable and are almost entirely scratch resistant due to their high-quality, glass-like finish.

The enamel colours are filled to the same level as the raised metal edges and finally polished off.

Epoxy Dome Pins

Compared to the Soft and Hard Enamel pins, these high-quality pins use offset or screen print methods to have your design encased in a durable Epoxy Dome that provides a luxurious shine. This method also allows for more complex designs to be produced (e.g Logos with different gradients, photos).


Glitter Enamel Pins

These beautiful Glitter Pins are very popular among our resellers mainly due to the awesome effect they produce. They can provide a slight accent or extravagant look depending on your design requirements. 

We have an assortment of glitter colours available and can assist in colour matching your artwork. These are extremely durable and reliable to last you a long time.

Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are usually used as an accessory to your overall outfit. In most cases, they are small in size and placed on the lapel of a jacket. Some of our customers even like to place them on their hats or bags! In a business environment, these can be used to show the name of an employee or be used as a formal ID for a company.


Plating Options

We offer our Customized Enamel Pins with the following plating options. After you choose this, you choose your enamel colours.

Black Dye | High Polish Black Nickel | Antique Tin | Antique Gold | Antique Silver | High Polish Bronze | High Polish Copper | Antique Copper | Antique Bronze | Antique Bronze | High Polish Silver | High Polish Gold

Pin Backings

We have a variety of pin backings available for different use cases.

Our most popular types include but are not limited to the military clutch, rubber clutch, safety pin, magnetic backing, deluxe clutch.

Other Types include Tie Tack with Chain | Tie Bar | Stick Pin | Stud | Cuff Link | Money Clip | Bolo Tie | Peel and Stick Adhesive | Flat head tie Rack | Round Head Tie Rack | Nut & Screw | Cuff Link | Key Chain

Enamel Pin Backings

Custom Coins

By using similar methods to produce enamel pins, we also make custom coins or medallions. These are great for giveaways, commemorative occasions or as Government and Military recognition pieces.

Packaging Options

Each custom enamel pin is stored in a polybag to protect it from damage. As an added option you can have an acrylic case to give it extra protection or simply have better packaging. Maybe take it to the next level by having a custom backing card with your design on it to enhance your branding.

Acrylic Case
Custom Card Backing

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