Fabric Mesh Banners

Fabric Mesh Banners

are a unique looking printed material that can be used indoor and outdoors, even on windy days. It’s unique sports jersey look makes it perfect for sports entertainment marketing for your event or constructions site.
Ultra lightweight, the benefit is that it can be folded and store easily to re-use over and over again.

Fabric Mesh is also known as sports jersey style mesh, or fence scrim, they are popular for concert stages and more. 

Fence Mesh and Fence Scrim Banners for Construction Sites

Fabric Mesh Banners are becoming more popular than vinyl mesh banners due to their vibrant colours, portability and overall easiness to install.

They are long lasting and weather resistant. While traditional PVC banners may have to be rolled up and stored fabric mesh are easily folded and therefore can be reused at the next site if needed.

For Stageline Stages

Fabric Mesh Banners are ideal for Stageline stages due to it’s lightweight and ease of instal. It’s low weight and high visibility is a big bonus.

It can be cut into virtually any size and any shape. They are hemmed for strength and you may add grommets or pole pockets depending on your stages specifications.

They are compatible with SL100, SL260, SL320, SAM555 and virtually any other sized stage. Mesh Banners look better and last longer than banners with wind slits which can tear.

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poly mesh banners


Polyester Fabric Mesh Banners

An excellent alternative to Vinyl mesh Banners. Perfect for windy conditions. It’s very lightweight.  We can custom size these for Stageline Mobile Stages, for outdoor festivals or events. Beautiful vibrant color gets to create as they have a print with a dye sublimation process. Fabric is similar to that of a sports jersey. 

This ensures that your fabric mesh banners can be useful year after year.  No need to deal with a cumbersome and huge vinyl banner roll with fabric. You can fold these, meaning they transport and store very easily. Fabric Mesh Banners are useful for windy conditions.

Banners with grommets and Pole Pockets

Fabric Mesh Banners are great for Fence Scrim

Fence Scrim Banners stand up to the elements. Also, they are excellent for events and construction sites. Made from a durable polyester. They also have a print with a dye sublimation process. It ensures the colors will not fade for a very long time. You can make this investment once to re-use year after year. Fabric Polyester Mesh Banners can also be useful for flags, stage banners. Fence scrim, construction sites, festivals and more.

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