Metal Business Cards – Gold

Gold Metal Business Cards

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Gold Metal Cards portray a luxurious and very memorable effect for your business. Our studies have shown that your potential VIP clients are far more likely to keep your business card rather than tossing it to the side like a paper one.

In fact people will often ask you for your Gold Metal Business Card before you give it to them as other people are showing off your card!


85 mm x 54 mm (credit card size) 
89 mm x 50 mm (business card size)
Custom sizes such as square or large sizes for metal invitation cards available
Custom shapes available!


0.3 mm | 0.5 mm | 0.8 mm | 1 mm

The most common is 0.3 mm due to its economic price point.

0.5 mm is a thicker and higher quality card which is more substantial. If you have a lot of cut outs in your card consider 0.5 mm to maintain its strength so it’s less bendable.

0.8 mm is the minimum we would use for a bottle opener card, it’s a beautiful quality and very heavy. 1 mm is reserved for more specialty uses.

Lace Gold Metal Cards

Lace Gold Metal Cards

Click here for a list of Designs

Lace Gold Metal Cards are available in many designs, simply click the link above for a document of the 28 different stock patterns to choose from.
You may also design your own lace pattern or alter the ones we already have. We have seen people use these on everything from business cards to luggage tags to everything in-between. 

Brushed Gold Cards

Gold Metal Business Cards

Brushing adds a more luxurious effect from an otherwise plain surface. On the example card above you can see the brushed effect as well as what embossing looks like on metal cards. The white on this is printed within the etching to protect it. 

Laser Guided Cut Outs
Gold Metal Card with laser cut out

Laser guided cutouts are free of charge and an excellent way to insinuate your custom design creatively. You can cut out letters, logos, patterns, dots and more!

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Gold Metal Business Cards

Looking to WOW your clientele and make an amazing impression? Gold Metal Business Cards are the way to go!
Does your company have a membership program and looking for something a bit more luxurious than plastic or paper? Gold Membership cards are an economical way to do that. At a price as low as just a couple bucks per customer. It’s a unique and economical way to make your clientele feel special.

Metal Cards are unique because of the way you can add etching, cut-outs, screen printing (similar to spot UV), Corrosion Embossing, Barcodes, QR Codes, Brushed and Frosted effects……..the list goes on and on.

More options include…
Matte Black Metal Cards
Silver Stainless Steel Metal Cards

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards
Copper & Bronze Metal Business Cards

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