Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Arches

Inflatable Arches are typically used for races and marathons. They are a perfect way to promoted your brand name to a massive audience.

An Inflatable Arch is completely sealed meaning you do not need a constant supply of air. Simply attach our Electric Pump, let it inflate and within minutes you have your Inflatable  Race Arch completed!

Several sizes to choose from

3 m x 6 m
5 m x 10 m

In fact you may choose any custom size depending on the area you’d like to cover.
Larger Inflatable Arches have 2 large feet to add stability. Furthermore we may include rope and pegs to ensure safety.

2 ways to order…..

1.   Quote For Print Service

2. Give us a call +61 433 920 173

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Custom Inflatable Arches

Regardless of the size of your race, whether it’s a Few Dozen or One Hundred Thousand people we have
Custom Printed Inflatable Arches available in all shapes and sizes. You may add your graphics along the top and the two sides.
Shapes include Right Angled Corners, Semi-Circle and Custom Shapes are available as well.


We can assist you with Graphic Design

You can keep it simple or you may need a custom shape needing a 3D rendering.
Inflatable arches are highly customizable.
Some clients may want a simple arch while others may want to make the horizontal area into a giant chicken.
In fact there are very little limitations for Inflatable Arches.

Extra Large Inflatable Arches

Do you gave an upcoming marathon or event where you need an Arch spanning across the street?
We can add bases to the bottom for stability. This will enable your Arch to be expanded Extra Large.

Inflatable Arches

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