Inflatable LED Balls

Inflatable LED Balls with Stands

Our new Inflatable LED Balls are the ultimate solution for Portable Event Lighting. 
The LED Balls have LED technology which are low on power but bright on lights.
Bold and Beautiful like a Light up Beach Ball!

LED Event Lighting

Each Inflatable LED Ball comes with a RGB remote enabling it to project almost any colour or shade.
You can easily enable a slow fade, or strobe. 

LED Glow Ball Stands

You have the option to add a stand to your Glow Ball. Each stand will raise the ball high above the crowd to ensure ample lighting.

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Incredible Inflatable LED Balls with Stands!

Customized with your Logo

Our Inflatable LED Balls are available with or without a stand.
The most common size is about 122 cm and they are customizable up to 9 metres +.

This product is a unique way for your clientele to be attracted to your event branding, all the while having a dual purpose for LED event lighting.

Each sphere + stands = 16 kg

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