LED Lightbox – Portable

Custom Printed LED Lightbox

Our unique Portable LED Lightbox can now be custom to any size.

One of our hottest products of the year! Our clients from around the world have enjoyed the fact that this Fabric light box is that it is completely portable which is perfect for trade shows and clients on the go.

LED Light boxes traditionally in the past have been perfect for retail and stationary displays. Now you can bring it anywhere you’d like, for trade shows, events, conferences and more.

They pack with their own hard shipping and storage case.


Available Sizes

240 x 230 cm
240 x 300 cm
240 x 600 cm

Custom sizing available!

Hanging cables and accessories available

Hard shipping/storage case included
You may opt to wrap your case with your graphics

Each Portable LED Trade Show Display Kit includes:

Single or double sided backdrop
LED light panels
Heavy duty case



A heavy duty hard shipping/storage case is included with your order. Store you LED Light box inside the case, and when you are ready to travel it has wheels and is safe inside airline cargo. We also offer a custom wrap so you can add your graphics and convert your trade show case into a podium. 

Tradeshow Podium

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Portable LED Lightbox

Our Portable Fabric LED Lightbox comes with a replaceable graphic that can be single or double sided.
Quick and hassle-free set up for retail outlets, trade shows events and events on the go!
Its unique 30 cm width allows for 2 sets of LED Strips to hang down the middle, illuminating
your custom printed LED fabric lightbox for rich and vibrant colors that will get attention.

LED lights last thousands of hours and need virtually no maintenance compared with an older technology halogen light box. Its portability allows it to fully collapse and store into a carry case which includes in the price. Optionally you may wrap the hard shipping/storage case and use as a trade show table.

How to Set up a Portable LED Lightbox

We offer free shipping to most places in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. Just let us know in advance what country you intend to use this for so we can ensure to include the proper plug outlets and voltage specifications. Custom printed LED Light box displays are often shipped throughout Australia to places including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and more. Free shipping to Pacific Islands often includes Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and more.