Magnetic Pop up Display

Magnetic Pop up Display

includes a heavy duty lightweight frame designed for traveling and constant use.

lightweight aluminum bars provide maximum stability and strength.

Magnetic Trade Show Display booths are portable and effortless to set up.

Available sizes (cm)

Height: 230 
Widths: 240 | 270 | 300 | 600 

Straight, Curved or Serp


Packages include the following……

Aluminum Pop up Frame
Canvas tote bags
2 – 4 lights
Graphic panels or Fabric panels for velcro
end caps (sides)
Hard shipping case with wheels (optional)
18 – 24+ single channel aluminum bars with magnetic strip

2 ways to order…..

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Magnetic Pop up Display – Trade show stand

A Magnetic Pop up Display is used mainly in trade shows and exhibitions.
Also, several sizes and shapes are available.

The main benefit of Magnetic Pop up Displays compared to the more updated version
Tension Fabric Displays is that you can add more intricate graphics and fine details such as small text
that would not print so well on fabric. The graphics are crisp and sharp.

They are also easy to assemble.
Users simply expand the aluminum strong truss by pulling it open like an accordion.
The display frame latches in place after you connected the magnetic blocks. You will have this vibrant and attractive unit complete in about 10 minutes time.  This pop up exhibit includes a hard plastic case which can also be used as a podium or tabletop and has wheels. 

Fabric Magnetic displays

Magnetic Pop up Displays come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

8 Foot Curved

Magnetic Display 8 Foot Curved

9 Foot Straight

Magnetic Display 9 Foot with End Caps

10 Foot Curved

10 Foot Curved Magnetic Pop up with End Caps

20 Foot Straight

Tradeshow Display 8x20

20 Foot Double Curve

Wave Double Curve Magnetic Display

20 Foot Serpentine

Serp Style Magnetic Display

20 Foot Gull Wing

Gull Wing Displays


6 and 8 foot tabletop magnetic displays

All Magnetic Displays are available with Single or Double sided

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