Metal Business Cards – Black

Black Metal Business Cards

Business Cards usually are given not only to provide contact details about you or your business but also leave a lasting impression about your company. Only using exceptional quality stainless steel, we can create a matte Black Metal Business Card that is unique, luxurious and most of all memorable for your clients.

Customizable to any size and shape including special cut outs!

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Black Metal Business Cards

Available Sizes

    • 86 mm x 54 mm (credit card size)
    • 76 mm x 50 mm (business card size)
    • Custom sizes and shapes such as square or large sizes for metal invitation cards available


    • 3 mm – Most common due to its affordable price point.
    • 5 mm – Excellent size for membership cards and less bendable.
    • 8 mm – Absolute minimum we recommend for a bottle opener card
    • 1 mm – Used for more specialty cases


Cut Outs

Black Matte Metal Card with Cut out

Add a cut out to your Black Metal Business Card free of charge. This unique chemical process cuts through the card giving a WOW factor to your design!


Brushed and Etched Effects 

Brushed Matte Black Metal Card

Adding a brushed finish to a Black Metal Business card adds an excellent finish that further accentuates the metal on the card.

Etching is a common way to add text or logos to a card when you don’t want to add colour. It is however common to add colour inside of etching to protect the print.

Background Shading Options

Adding a background texture to your black metal cards is free of charge. Instead of a smooth texture you can add one of our designs below or even design your own. Be unique as you’d like as a business card is highly personal and reflects you and your business.

Shading for Matte Black Metal Cards
Matte Black Metal Card with Background Texture

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