Metal Business Cards – Silver

Metal Business Cards 

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards are an amazing option if you want to set apart yourself from the competition. These metal cards can be easily customised to nearly any shape or size and there is no limit to your creation. Using only high-quality stainless steel, these unique cards will definitely promote high value for your business.

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    • 86 mm x 54 mm (credit card size)
    • 76 mm x 50 mm (business card size)
    • Custom sizes and shapes such as square or large sizes for metal invitation cards available


    • 0.3 mm – Most common due to its affordable price point.
    • 0.5 mm – Excellent size for membership cards and less bendable.
    • 0.8 mm – Absolute minimum we recommend for a bottle opener card
    • 1 mm – Used for more specialty cases

Lace Patterns

Click here for a list of Lace Pattern

We have 28 different stock Lace Pattern options that can be place on your Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards. However, don’t let this limit you as you can choose your own design or edit the current designs we have.

Cut Outs

This metal business card on the right shows an example of how precise the design can be cut down into most shapes. If you must know the measurement, we can go down to 0.5 microns width which is about 0.0005mm.



Rather than having a flat metal card, etching provides a unique texture. Here’s an example on the left of an etched metal business card without printing inside. You also have the option to print inside this etched area as this ensures longer lasting ink on your card and prevents it rubbing off.

By using a minimum 0.5mm thick metal card, Deep Etching can be achieved. This can give an ultra-high quality and industrial feel to your metal business card.

Brushed Effect

Another fantastic example of a stainless metal business card with a brushed finish. You can see how a simple finish can change the overall effect of the metal card providing an even more luxurious look to a standard matte finish.


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