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Metal Business Cards 

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Silver Metal Business Cards are a great way to impress your clientele with a unique gift that will ensure you stand out among your competitors.

They can be customized to your specifications as unique as you are, and this will ensure not only will your client not only keep your metal business card but also show it to their colleagues!

Available Sizes

85 mm x 54 mm (credit card size)
76 mm x 50 mm (business card size)
Custom sizes such as square or large sizes for metal invitation cards available
Custom shapes available!


0.3 mm | 0.5 mm | 0.8 mm | 1 mm

0.3 mm is most common due to its economic price point.

0.5 mm is a thicker, less bendable and higher quality card which is more substantial. If you have a lot of cut outs in your card consider this size to maintain its strength.

0.8 mm is the minimum we would use for a bottle opener business card, it’s a beautiful quality and very heavy.

1 mm is reserved for more specialty uses.


Lace Silver Metal Cards

Silver Lace Metal Cards

Click here for a list of Lace Patterns

Silver Metal Cards are available with Lace Borders in many patterns, simply click the link above for a document of the 28 different stock patterns to choose from. You can also choose to design your own lace pattern and/or change the patterns we already have. 

Laser Guided Cut Outs

Silver Metal Business Card with cut out

You can add your logo or text just like the above example cut out to give your metal business card a unique look.
You can precisely cut your card to shape and go as detailed right down to 0.5 microns width.

The unique ability about metal business cards is the option to cut our your logo, letters or design in perfect detail. You will be sure to impress your friends and colleagues!

Laser Guided Etching

Etched Silver Metal Cards

We offer our Metal Business Cards with  etching at no extra charge. You can choose etching without printing inside it like the example above or we can print inside the etched part to ensure that the ink does not rub off in your wallet and therefore long lasting.

This gives your metal card a unique feel and texture. Deep etching, can give your card a very industrial feel and ultra high quality and no need to print inside it. For a deep etch card we recommend 0.5mm thick.

Etching can also create very beautiful and unique background shading patterns to your card. Ask us for a list of stock designs or create your own.

Brushed Silver Metal Cards

Silver Metal Card Brushed

Adding a brushed effect to a silver metal business card is a way to add some sheen and luster into an otherwise matte metal card. The effect is more luxurious and eye catching.

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Metal Business Cards 

Make your clients feel extra special with a Stainless Steel Metal Business Card! Typically reserved for your highest priority clients these cards surely will not be thrown away and dismissed. Rather they will keep them and even show them off to their colleagues. Metal Business Cards are design to your specifications. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Cutouts, etching and more are all free of charge.

We offer graphic design services. And can help assist you to stay on budget while adding the unique features that are practically endless. Silver Metal Cards were first made popular when the former Apple Inc. employee Steve Wozniak showed off his metal business card to the world. Ever since then they have been extremely popular!

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