One Way Vision

One way Vision Perforated Vinyl

is the perfect medium to replace tired looking blinds or curtains on your storefront. It adds a layer of security as it’s difficult to see inside while you can see outside.

Recommended for Big & Bold advertising advertising statements. Create impact and a large return on investment!

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One way vision perforated window film

One way Vision printing is applied it will stick to the glass, and look vibrant for up to a year. The 60/40  (60 percent printable area, 40 percent open area pattern) pattern provides image quality and clarity when viewed from the outside and is see-through from the inside looking out.

Window decal is a great option to turn your windows into at marketing place with these advertising tips.

1. Take advantage of your store window by promoting your business with sales and promotion items, discounts and clearance items.

2. One Way Vision Vinyl Window stickers are ideal way to communicate important information to your customers. An impressive designed poster could let the people to stop for a while and pay attention.

3. By advertising with One Way Vision window perforated film, you can see out from the inside while the outside observer can only see the marketing graphic. Light can also pass through so the window graphics.

4. Add security to your windows. With 1 way vision you can see out, and they can’t see in. 

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