Pennant Flags

Custom Printed Pennant Flags

Historically, Custom Printed Pennant Flags have been used as a Commemorative Flag to show support for a particular sports team.
Today the uses for Pennant Flag Printing have been greatly expanded as they have become a powerful and popular cross-platform promotional tool.

Custom Pennant Flag Specifications 

Sports Team Felt Pennant Standard size:
46 cm x 20 cm

Popular Pennant Flag Sizes: 
15 cm x 10 cm
30 cm x 20 cm
46 cm x 30 cm
30 cm x 13 cm
76 cm x 28 cm
Custom sizes available

Felt / Polyester / PVC

Colour and Logo: 
Full Colour Printing included, no “per colour fees.”

We can add grommets, ties and/or a pole sleeve.

Bunting Pennant Strings are also available.

Felt vs Fabric Pennant Flags

What’s the difference between Felt and Fabric pennant flags?
Felt is much more rigid, traditional and prints beautifully. It is more traditional and most common for sports pennants.

Fabric pennant flag printing is an excellent alternative, and they print just as beautifully. Look at our picture examples to compare. They are not rigid, but they fly in the wind and fold for easy transport. They are common for sailing, as well as for economy Pennant flags.

Our Felt pennant flags typically arrive at your door within a week, and there is no minimum order.
Wholesale pricing available!

2 ways to order…..

1. Quote for Print Service
2. Give us a call +61 433 920 173


Custom Printed Felt and Fabric Pennant Flags

Whether you wish to expand the visibility of a team, product or simplify your message, our felt and fabric pennants are very effective in capturing the eyes of the crowd—full colour and beautifully printed with no minimum order required.

Do you have an existing logo or brand you would like us to print onto one of our high-quality pennants? 
Need an eye-catching and professional design created from scratch? No problem!
Our creative graphic design team can create any design required and embed any logo or name onto the pennant of your choice with no limitations on colour.

We want to make it easy for you and your budget.

Wholesale pricing available!


Custom Pennant Flag Shapes

Fabric Pennant Flags can be cut into all sorts of shapes. In comparison, pennants are more traditional triangle shapes for sports teams.
They are also available as 2 point and 3 point pennants as well as hanging banners.
Custom shapes and sizes are welcome for fabric Pennant Flags and Hanging Banners.

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