Portable Dressing Rooms

Portable Dressing Rooms

Looking for a portable structure for a change room, first aid room, dressing room, ticket taking rooms or pretty much whatever you wish?
Excellent for indoor and outdoor events. These portable rooms can be printed single or double-sided.
No more pipe and drape and unprofessional-looking solutions!

You can quickly set up your portable change room with your own custom print. Maximize your marketing efforts!

Very popular with fashion shows, sporting events, pop up retail outlets and more. The benefit of this portable room is not only to get changed but to promote your brand. 

Your Portable Dressing Rooms are customized with your graphics both outside and inside.

You may choose a stock colour for the inside of it is supplied as black or white.
They are printed in full-colour printing with the dye sublimation process which means there are no limitations on how many colours or where you print.

You may use a Stock Colour Curtain for the changing room entrance or have it custom printed.

2 ways to order…..

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Custom Portable Printed Change Room

Our Portable Change Rooms are ideal for events on the go where you need to set up and take down consistently. With our new and improved design, they set up quick and easy similarly made with the same set-up as our Tension Fabric Displays. The setup time has been halved compared to the older track systems.

Dimensions (W x L)
100 cm x 100 cm
90 cm x 120 cm
120 cm x 120 cm
180 cm x 180 cm
210 cm x 210 cm
240 cm x 240 cm

Size Recommendations

The smallest Portable Changing Room size we recommend is 90 cm x 90 cm which is perfect for one person in the room getting dressed.

The most common size is 90cm (wide) x 120cm (depth)

(Fit3d – Recommended custom size)
230 cm (width) x 170 cm (length)

You may choose up to 180cm wide if you plan to add benches, coat racks or anything else inside.

On the left is a list of our most popular sizes ordered by our customers!

Snap Lock on Frame

Our snap-lock on frames can be custom made to your size requirements.

These are made of lightweight aluminium making them very portable and easy to carry around

Very quick and easy to set up.

Frame for Portable Change Room
Stock Coloured Dressing Room

Stock Colours

Stock curtain colours

Stock Colour Portable Dressing Rooms are economical than our custom printed option.
You may choose all or just some of your change rooms with stock colours.

Our snap-lock on frame can be custom sized to your requirements.
Very quick and easy to set up.

Custom Printed Portable Dressing Room

Using a die sublimation printing process, you can customise your dressing rooms walls with your logo or any branding requirements.

This type of printing method ensures print quality is of a high standard and the colours actually become part of the fabric meaning there’s no flaking of the colours.

Portable Dressing Room (245cm x 300cm

Single or Double-Sided Printing

Needing extra branding surface?

We can organise a single side print (external) or a double-sided print (internal and external).

As an added option, we can print on your curtain with your custom logo/branding.

Portable Dressing Room


We offer customised configurations for multiple dressing rooms. By customising each portable dressing room, we’re able to offer this unique option to our customers.

This also increases the branding surface to print your custom logo/branding.

Portable Dressing Room
Portable Dressing Room

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