Rear Projection Film

Rear Projection Film

Using Rear Projection Film is perfect for commercial or residential application and is a great solution where a permanent rear projection display is required. The film has a self-adhesive layer (peel and stick) making installation quick and easy on any glass type surface and can be cut into any size and pieced together to create any size display. Can be used for advertising, retail stores, home theatre, nightclubs and more.

Using a PET material (polyethylene terephthalate) on the film, this allows high light transmittance and diffusion providing an excellent picture and vivid experience. It also offers high contrast even in ambient light.

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Available Size (sold per lineal metre)

    • 1.524m x 1m (minimum size)
    • 1.524m x 2m
    • 1.524m x 3m….
    • 1.524m x 30m (by the roll)


    • Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
    • High Gain: 3, 4, 5
    • Contrast Ratio: 200:1 to 500:1
    • Wide Viewing Angles between 120 to 150 degrees


    • Apply on glass or acrylic (plexiglass) surfaces
    • Just use soapy water, apply, then squeegee water out from the centre towards the edges, ensure no water is left.
    • Professional installation is recommended for larger areas and for safety.

Ultra Black 

The premium of all our rear projection film range this ultra black film provides spectacular contrast, black levels and resolution. This is very similar to the 3M’s famous Vikuiti™ Film. Perfect for those high-end video applications, home cinema, control rooms.

Dark Grey

This dark grey film comes in second to the ultra-black film and still provides high quality pictures. This film allows some natural light to pass through when not in use. However, is not transparent enough to see through it.

Light Grey/White

Both these film types allow more natural light through the window when not in use and can still project beautiful images but for better results we do recommend using a stronger, brighter projector.


This transparent film allows people to see through your window whilst still having your image projected beautifully. A brighter projector is recommended for best results.


When not in use it’s just your standard mirror. But when paired together with a rear projector, this will take your advertising to the next level.

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