Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Has your business considered safe ways to ensure social distancing customers or employees?
Slowly but surely economies are starting to open up and as this happens business have had to adapt new and innovative ways to keep our communities as safe as possible.
By having these social distancing floor stickers installed will guarantee a way to ensure your patrons are distancing themselves the minimum 1.5 metres away from each other.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

A standard size is usually around 30cm.

We do offer several designs and also customise a design to your requirements.

We offer both 3M Branded Full Colour Floor Stickers as well as our own unique style of Reflective Social Distancing Floor Stickers (please refer below).


2 ways to order…..

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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

We offer social distancing floor sticker designs in many shapes, sizes and colours.
Please note that you may mix and match, or choose your own design.
You may add your logo to the floor stickers as well.

Our textured 3M branded Floor Stickers are meant to last and are non-skid.

The Department of Health are recommending physical distancing in order to maintain the flattening of the coronavirus curve
Our Physical Distancing Floor Stickers will enhance awareness, safety and provide crowd control.
This will also provide a sense of security for employees and customers knowing that they know where they need to be and also ensure they are practising safe distancing.


Reflective Floor Stickers

Highly visible and perfect for super markets, big box stores or anywhere where it’s a must for your Social Distancing Floor Stickers to be seen.
Long lasting and durable you can expect these to last a very long time without damage.
We have several designs for you to choose from or you may choose your own design and size.

Reflective Social Distancing Floor Stickers

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