Step and Repeat Backdrop

Step and Repeat Backdrop
Red Carpet Backdrops

Step and Repeat Red Carpet Backdrops are used for all sorts of events such as Award Shows, Weddings, Birthday Parties, and Trade Shows.

Our Premium Quality Fabric Logo Walls absorb a flash camera flash (non-glare) rather than reflecting it with materials such as vinyl. Our thick heavy duty fabric ensures they are not “cheap looking”. It is opaque and non-see through.

Step and Repeat Walls are perfect to advertise your Corporate Brand as your attendees will pose in front of them, take selfies and then post on social media for free viral marketing.

Furthermore a Step and Repeat ensures that your guests feel like the VIP’s that they are, especially when combined with a Red Carpet, Stanchions and Professional Photographer.

There are several ways to order a Step and Repeat Wall

First Choose your stand…..

Jumbo Backdrop Stand
An Economic choice

Pop up Display Stand
– A popular choice

Tension Fabric Display Stand 
– High Quality look

6 metres Step and Repeat Logo Wall
– Large, Top Quality

Backdrop Only
 If you have your own Stand

We can print Step & Repeat Logo Walls in Several ways

Fabric is best, and vinyl is available as well

Fast turnaround time, typically less than a week including shipping

Rush printing available

Any custom size, height & width

No fees for Grommets, Hemming, etc

Free graphic Design (Conditions apply)

Graphic Design

We are here to help, typically at no cost, or you may design your own!
How to 
Design your own Step and Repeat in Adobe Illustrator

2 ways to order…..

1.Quote for Print Service

2. Give us a call on +61 433 920 173


Step and Repeat Backdrops and Logo Walls

Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
Free Shipping! FAST turn around time

Option 1 
This is a budget-friendly option.
Available in Black or Silver.
Our stand is of high quality to its look-alikes.
It has thick metal poles & it is built to stay fit.

Option 2
Tension Fabric Display
Straight or Curved

Our Top Selling Logo Wall! Are you a looking for a premium step and repeat? This is your top choice.
A Flawless Wrinkle Free backdrop with “pillowcase” style easy installation.

Option 3
Pop up Display

This stand has the fastest set up. It comes with an “Accordion Style” collapsible frame.
The Logo Wall adheres to it with Velcro.

End Caps (Sides) are optional.

We do Step & Repeat Media Logo Walls in several ways depending on your needs.

Fabric, Vinyl Logo Walls and Banners
Widths: 245 cm | 300 cm | 370 cm | 455 cm |  600 cm
Standard height: 230 cm
Custom size is welcome
Tension Fabric Walls are the most popular, Our personal favorite!

Step and Repeat Walls for a Red Carpet Events

Step and Repeat Logo Wall

What is a Step and Repeat Logo Wall?

A Step and Repeat Logo Pattern is a set of Staggered Logos, Text or Pictures.
They are useful for Red Carpet Events, Press Conferences, Awards Nights, and Birthday Parties.

They are set up in an area at the place generally people will walk or stand in front of the display to have their photo taken or to give a television interview. The logos are visible at the back of the person, it is good for your branding. Illustration of this step and repeat printing speeches, news conferences,  press events and in Hollywood Style Red Carpet events at the place a  walkway is set up for paparazzi photo opportunities!

  • What are they made of? 

We suggest using fabric backdrops for they are non-glare and absorb the light from a camera flash & do not reflect it.
Vinyl vs Fabric Backdrops, this blog will help you understand the difference. Wikipedia has more info.

  •  Can you assist with graphic design?

Yes! On occasions, it can be free of charge. Simply send your logos in vector format and we can assist you.
Some conditions apply.

Step and Repeat Backdrops can be made in several ways.

  • How are they made?

The common ways are vinyl, fabric, poster paper, canvas or adhered onto a hard substrate including plywood or foamcore.

Each has it’s own sets of pros and cons. Fabric is less likely to have hotspots in photography it means it tends to absorb a flash & do not reflect it.

Vinyl is heavier duty and sometimes has bright & vibrant images. The support structure can vary depending on size. Standard trade show display frames are often useful, or you can hang it from or apply on a wall.

Red Carpet Backdrops

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