Tension Fabric Display – 6 metres wide

Tension Fabric Displays
6 metres wide

Make a huge impact with a minimum footprint with our 6 metres wide Waveline Tension Fabric Exhibition Booth.  This unit comes with a 6 meter wide frame, custom printed graphics and a carry case. Set up in 5 to 10 minutes with the easy snap lock frame.

Need something larger?
We welcome Custom Sized Wave Displays

Available in 3+ styles

Serpentine (S Shape)
Custom to your specs

Standard height is 2.26 metres
Standard width is 6 metres (or custom)
Single or Double sided print

They are perfect in a 
Step and Repeat
style for awards shows and
Hollywood Red Carpet Backdrops is available.

2.4 metres ,3 metres , and 4.5 metres wide Tension Fabric Display available here

This lightweight versatile Tension Fabric Display
has a replaceable and interchangeable fabric backdrop.

Set up is quick and easy! This is used for tradeshows, events, retail advertising, marketing activations, exhibitions and more.

Serpentine Shaped 6 metres display

Serpentine Tension Fabric Displays

Serpentine Wave Displays add a bit of style to your Tradeshow Backdrop. They have a unique S Shape that will command attention on the tradeshow floor. Like our other Ez Tube Fabric Displays, set up is a breeze.

2 ways to order…..

Quote for Print Service

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Tension Fabric Display Systems

A Waveline Tension Fabric Display, is also known as an EZ tube display. It’s also commonly known as a Pillowcase Display.
Whatever you want to call them, are hot sellers right now! Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they come with an interchangeable fabric print with a zipper on the bottom. You’ll be surprised on how it takes up such a small footprint for such a big impact.

Quick Set up Instructions

A 6 metres Tension Fabric Display can create a big impact for a low price!
The benefit of this Lightweight Trade Show Display is the ease of setup and lightweight.
You can easily transport this item by putting it in the backseat of the car.
Once at your venue simply join the numbers together.
1 with 1, 2 with 2 etc etc and you’ll have your 6 metres tension fabric display frame complete! Then just simply slide your graphics over the frame like a giant pillowcase and zip it up on the bottom. Sets up in minutes!

Pillowcase Frame set up
Curved tension fabric display 8 x 10
Wave Display Canada
Tension Fabric Zipper display instructions

Shipping and Storage Cases

A padded soft case is Free with your order. 

Padded Soft case for Wave Displays
Hard Shipping case converts to Podium

Or choose a Hard Shipping Case which converts into a Table/Podium

Hard Shipping Case Podium

We provide free shipping throughout Australia including Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Darwin  and more. Of course free shipping is included to our neighbours in New Zealand include the Pacific Islands!