Tension Fabric Display Accessories

Tradeshow Booth Accessories

Shelving – LCD Brackets – LED Lighting 

You’ve invested in a Tension Fabric Display
and it looks beautiful!

Now it’s time to accessorize your trade show space
to add the final touches to ensure your exposure to
your potential clientele and
maximize your return on investment.


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Tension Fabric Display Accessories

Promoting your company at an exhibition is big business and a big investment! With thousands upon thousands of potential clients are walking by your booth area, your marketing materials need to pull them in before your competitors do!

Your first step of course is adding your backdrop such as a 6 metres Tension Fabric Display. This will look incredible in your 3 x 6 metres booth. From there you can accessorize depending on the needs of your marketing campaign.  

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A Header is a small sign, that attaches to the top of your
Tension Fabric Display Booth.
They add height to your display.
You can customize it to any size and is available straight or curved.

Header for top of Tension Fabric Display
Tradeshow Display Header

Waterfalls are an attachment that can be added anywhere on your Waveline Tension Fabric Display. This is highly customizable on the width you choose and how many shelves you need. On the Waterfall you can add a bracket for your television and/or LCD screen for maximum impact. 

Waterfalls for Tension Displays

Waterfalls are a shelve attachment accessory, LCD brackets
and can be branded to enhance your trade show floor area.
They are fully customizable where you can mix and match multiple shelving units.
They really look awesome and can ensure you stand out among your competitors.
Alternatively you can enhance your look simply by adding a waterfall and wrapping it with your graphics. 

A Hard Shipping Case which converts into a podium or table is a first choice.
It acts not only as a storage area but a branded area to place your pamphlets, and laptop on. They can act as home base for your sales force. 

Podiums and Cases

We have some hard shipping case options that also convert into a table and you can wrap it with your graphics.
We have other podiums where you can use as tables, add shelving and you can brand these as well. 

Hard Shipping case converts to Podium

You can add LCD brackets to your waterfall, shelving unit to attach to your Wave Display or as a stand alone unit. The importance of a visual display such as a television is very important to display your companies products typically on a loop.

Last but not least, do not forget about LED Lighting! Your tradeshow booth area needs to be alive! There is so much going on around you and studies have shown that LED lights for Tension Fabric Displays will draw customers to your tradeshow booth and into your area. 

LED Lights for Tension Fabric Booths

LED Lights

Studies have shown that at trade shows lighting makes a huge impact and that your clientele
will be further drawn to your amazing products and branding.
We recommend at least 1 LED light every 1.5 metres.
They are only 5 Watts and draw very little power.

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