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Waveline Tension Fabric Displays

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Stand out in a crowd with this quick and easy versatile snap lock Tension Fabric Display system

Sizes Available
Widths: 150cm | 200 cm | 300 cm | 400 cm | 600 cm
Height: 220 – 230 cm
Custom sizes available

Straight, Curved, Serpentine

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6 metres Waveline Displays 
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Curved vs Straight Wave Tension Fabric Trade Show and Event WallsTension Fabric Wave Display System


Trying to decide what is better for your needs? Straight or curved Tension Fabric Display Stands?

It’s all a matter of personal preference. Our personal opinion we enjoy the curved 6 metre frame over the straight one, and that being said we enjoy the straight 8 foot over the curved one.

This is because the smaller width frames make the curved more pronounced and with the 6 metres, the curve is more subtle. Once again this is all personal preference.

A benefit for curved stretch fabric frame systems is that your potential clients can see the stand from a wider angle.

B Series Wave Display Stands

Tradeshow display with shelf and TV Stand


A fun a funky design, B-Series Wave Displays are curved on the vertical part.

They can accept shelving units and LCD Screen brackets. They have support legs on the back for stability.

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Waveline Tension Fabric Displays and Trade Show Backdrops

Discover why more and more progressive businesses are transitioning to our Wave Tension Fabric Displays for their Exhibition Booths. These displays are both flexible and portable, making them ideal for a variety of events. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also simple to assemble and transport. Additionally, they feature high-quality, dynamic graphics that can be quickly swapped out and have a speedy turnaround time.

Tension Fabric Displays have become increasingly popular compared to Pop-up Displays, primarily because they have fewer moving parts. As a result, they are less susceptible to damage if dropped. Waveline Tension Fabric Displays, also known as EZ Tube displays and marketed under various brand names, offer the added advantage of being able to replace the pillowcase-style fabrics at a significantly lower cost once you own the frame. Moreover, these displays have a more polished appearance than many other trade show displays at a similar price point.

Available in Single or Double Sided

Frames widths: 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm
Frame height: 220-230 cm
Custom sizes welcome

Available with a padded soft or hard shipping/storage case
Accessories such as bright 5W LED Lights are available

Quick Set up Instructions

Set up a Curved Tension Fabric Display

A Tension Fabric Display a.k.a Tension Fabric Wall can create a big impact.
A variety of Accessories are available such as headers, shelves and lighting.

The benefit of this Trade Show Display is the ease of setup, virtually anyone can do it!
You can easily transport this item by putting it in the backseat or the trunk of your car.

Top assemble simply join the numbers together.
There are stickers on each of the legs. Simply join….

1 with 1, 2 with 2 etc etc and you’ll have your Tension Fabric Trade Show Display frame complete!
After that… simply slide your graphics over the frame like a giant pillowcase and zip it up on the bottom.

Sets up in minutes!

Shipping and Storage Cases

A padded soft case is free with your order. 

Padded Soft case for Wave Displays
Hard Shipping case converts to Podium

or choose a Hard Shipping Case which converts into a Table/Podium

Hard Shipping Case Podium

How to Set up a B Series Tension Fabric Display

Up your Game! – Stand out from the Crowd!

Your tradeshow likely has dozens of vendors and you likely have a ton of information that you want to portray to your potential clientele.
Ask us for a free consultation on how we can design your entire booth area with accessories and different sized displays.

A typical 3 metres backdrop is common and the minimum you need for a respectable booth. 
Adding Retractable Banner Stands and other Tension Fabric Displays, Accessories will ensure your booth stands out.

Waveline Tension Fabric Display
Waveline Display
Waveline Trade show Display
Tradeshow Booth

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