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We now offer many shapes and sizes to our Wave Tension Fabric Display booths where you can easily customize your own shapes and design to create your own look! Instead of having just a flat or curved tension fabric back wall, here you can add some dimensions to it having 2 sections added to 1 baseplate, one in front of the other.

You can go as long as your want with these, and right angle turns are not a problem! Contact us now for more booth design ideas!

Adding customization to your booth allows you to stand out among your competitors. Whether you want a 3 m x 6 m Trade Show display or something with the right degree of curve, you can count on us to create this for you.

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Tension Fabric Display Booth Design – Customizable shapes and sizes

We’re proud to introduce an all new product to the market place. The limitations of your Wave Tension Fabric Trade show booths being rectangle or square are a thing of the past! In the diagram below you can see how you can order 7 different Tension Fabric Display Booth shapes and sizes.

We make Booth Design Easy!

You can freely combine any of the shapes to create your own booth customized the size and shape you need. Below are just some examples of how they can be configured together. This allows you to add different elements of design to different parts of your trade show or event display. For example you may want a step and repeat logo wall on 2 sides while a big bold and beautiful high resolution image of your companies product and logo in the centre. We have design templates for you.

Custom Shapes

Simply choose from the shapes below

Tension Fabric Display Booths are a low cost, lightweight and portable. They are easy to travel with and can typically be set up in about 10 to 15 minutes with 2 people. The fabric backdrop is replaceable should you wish to remove the graphics and the frames have a 1 year warranty for any manufacturers defects.

Custom Booth Design

We offer FREE SHIPPING to Australia, New Zealand and most place in Oceania. We have shipped Tension Fabric Displays to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more! Everywhere in the New Zealand such as Christchurch and Auckland. Also major cities in the Pacific Islands!