Transparent Business Cards

Transparent Business Cards

Transparent Business Cards have many unique advantages compared to a traditional PVC card. The most obvious being is that they are totally unique and uncommon which is a surefire way to be noticed.

The fact that you can see through them ensures that the most creative graphic designers can have fun with the design.
These transparent business cards can be single or double sided, depending on your design.

For Double Sided Transparent Business Cards you can add a white backer in the middle of your artwork which can’t be seen to ensure it does not bleed through to the other side.

This means you can design your card on both sides without any double exposure.  See the graphic below for details.

Transparent business cards are a unique way to portray your image for use of
Membership cards, Gift Cards, VIP cards and also rising in popularity as high end Luxury Business Cards. 


85 mm x 54 mm (credit card size)
Custom size and shapes available!


0.76 mm (credit card size)
0.38 mm (Thinner, lighter on the wallet)

Transparent Card Stock:

Gloss – Clear
Matte – Less Clear
Frosted – Less Clear with Texture

Optional Accessories

Signature Panels
Scratch Panels
Magnetic Strip
Foil Stamped and Holograms

Spot UV
Embossed, debossed
Barcodes and QR Code (variable and static)
Variable or serial numbers and data

2 ways to order…..

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2. Give us a call on +61 433 920 173


Clear Transparent Business Cards

How can you get your clients to take notice to your business card and actually keep them rather than tossing them away? In fact with Transparent Business Cards people will likely even show their friends and colleagues. The reason, of course, is because they are so unique. Especially when adding features such as foil cards or spot UV.

Single or Double Sided Clear Plastic Business Cards

Double-Sided Transparent Business Cards use a white backer behind either some or all of your artwork when you don’t want “side a” (front) to see from “side b” (back). In the example below, you can see how the solid colored area with all the information has a white backer.
That means we can print whatever you want on both sides without it bleeding through to the back.

This is a true Double Sided Transparent Business Card.

Transparent Business Card

Single Sided Transparent Business Cards

Without a white backer it’s a less expensive process. You will see whatever you printed on the front, on the back as well. However it will reflect and be semi-transparent. There is also no option of printing white.

Transparent Business Card

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