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Custom Printed Wall Flags

Enhance your promotional efforts and event visibility with our bespoke wall flags.

Our custom-made wall flags are exceptional advertising tools for promoting your brand and events. Experience the economic advantage and convenience of displaying your message and logo in various locations, including malls, grocery stores, companies, shops, sporting events, trade shows, and other special occasions.

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Custom Printed Advertising Promo Wall Flags

Elevate your brand with personalized wall flags crafted to your exact specifications. Our wide range of materials and brackets allows you to choose the perfect combination for your unique design.

With a standard size of 40 x 60 cm, our wall flags offer a versatile canvas for your message. Whether you require them for indoor or outdoor use, inform us of your preference and the intended duration of usage. We will deliver the utmost economic efficiency and superior quality to meet your needs.

Flag Pole Brackets for Wall Flags

We offer various flag pole brackets which include adjustable and fixed brackets. You can display your pole at a
45-90 degree angle. Here are some examples for your reference.

Adjustable Bracket

Maximize flexibility with our adjustable bracket, offering multiple positions to suit your requirements.

Easily mount it to a vertical wall or horizontal surface using four screws for a secure installation.

Ensure a tight and secure fit using the thumb screw, which tightens against the pole.

Adjustable Bracket
Fixed Bracket

Fixed Bracket

Sturdy and durable wall flag fixed bracket for secure installation

Easy installation with screws for mounting on vertical walls or horizontal surfaces

Ideal for displaying flags in various settings such as malls, shops, events, and more.

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