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Wedding wall design

Wedding Logo Walls

Wedding Walls are in a nutshell….. Step and Repeat logo walls which have long been famed by celebrities adorning the red carpet in front of a media wall. Step and Repeat Walls have recently been grown in popularity for wedding walls as it gives photo opportunities for all of your loved ones a moment to have fun in front of. Oh my Print Solutions will be there every step of the way from the initial graphic design, printing, delivery, set up, take down and more. We realize that you are not here as a corporate business and therefore are unlikely to want to invest in a frame. We have rental options that we can discuss with you to ensure your costs are cut in half. Get a logo wall for your wedding in 5 easy steps! We can assist every step of the way.

  1. Choose your size Standard height is 8 feet and widths range from 8, 10, 12 to 20+ feet
  2. Choose your substrate – Fabric, Vinyl or others…..
  3. Choose the frame – Different looks are available as well as different budgets.
  4. Do you want to rent or purchase? Most weddings opt to rent in order to save up to 50% in costs
  5. Submit your design – or we’d be happy to design this for you as per your specifications.

Wedding wall design


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wedding wall design

Step and Repeat Photo Logo Walls for Weddings

Wedding Walls. Do you have a family crest? Maybe some theme colors. We can incorporate pretty much whatever you want into your Wedding logo wall. We would typically add the bride & grooms name, the date, sometimes a family crest, designs, hearts….we have no limitations.
In fact, nowadays it’s popular to add your Instagram hashtag to your Wedding Walls so that your guests can easily find these pictures in the following days.

The standard size is either 8 x 8, 8 x 10, or 8 x 20 and we can custom to your size if required.

Our Step and Repeat backdrops for weddings are typically ready from a high-end fabric. This means you can fold them for easy storage and then bring back to life at your anniversary party. We have even had a client make pillowcases with them!

Contact us now on how you can get started on your next red carpet wedding wall. We offer free shipping throughout Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydey, Hobart and more. Free shipping to New Zealand such as Wellington Central, Auckland CBD, Christchurch Central, Hamilton, and all. Free shipping to most places. Ask for details!

wedding wall design