X Frame Banner Stand

X Frame Banner Stand

The X frame banner stand is an excellent choice for displaying your exhibition graphics, offering both cost-effectiveness and visual impact. This versatile stand can be set up within minutes, allowing for quick and convenient assembly. One of its key advantages is the ease with which you can change the graphic panels, ensuring that your display remains up-to-date and adaptable to different events or promotions.

The functionality of the X banner stand is simple yet effective. It features a banner with grommets in the corners that easily attach to each of the four arms of the stand, providing stability and support. Additionally, a fifth arm extends straight down, forming a tripod base that ensures a sturdy foundation for your display.

With its combination of affordability, ease of use, and eye-catching design, the X frame banner stand proves to be an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking an impactful and flexible solution for showcasing their exhibition graphics.

Available Sizes (width x height)

60cm x 160cm
80cm x 180cm

X Frame Banner Varieties

Outdoor Xframe Banner Stands include a water base to keep them in place.

Bamboo X-Frame Banner StandsFor a higher-end look and eco-friendly alternative

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X Frame Banner Stand

also known as a Spider Stand is a one of the more affordable and flexible ways to display your vinyl banner. Available in 2 standard sizes, their extreme portability makes a X Frame Stand perfect for presentations at trade shows, product conventions and are also great for the showroom floor. 

X frame banner stand is perfect for displaying your message in a wide range of places with its frame unit / stand. It is ideal for drawing attention to businesses, restaurants, coffee shops and trade shows.

X frame banner stand gives you that extra added portable option for displaying your message. Our banner stand is made of 13 oz. Matte Vinyl, you can also have it printed with Canvas, PVC Film or Fabric. The kit includes lightweight X frame unit and a carrying bag.

Banners remain one of the most cost effective forms of temporary advertising. Our top quality banners are great for indoor use or for outside promotion and can be custom made to any size on vinyl or paper.

We can finish banners with simple grommets that will keep you banners tight and looking great for longer term usage.

Use X Frame banner stands to announce:

Grand Openings
Fund Raising Events
Special Occasions
Trade Shows
and much more….

We carry an extensive line of Banner Stands in rigid X frame banner styles or fully portable “Retractable” styles.
X Frame Banner stands are an inexpensive solution. We offer free shipping throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands.

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