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Step and Repeat Backdrop Q & A

Some of the most common questions we get are about Step and Repeat Backdrops. So we thought we’d make a page explaining everything all in one page.

We are one of the top suppliers in Canada and the USA for these Hollywood style red carpet backdrops for a variety of reasons. Mainly because we can meet most budgets and sizes and also meet even the tightest deadlines.
Here are some common questions.

What sizes do Step and Repeat Logo Walls come in?

The most common Step and Repeat Sizes are 8′ x 8′ | 8′ x 10′ | 8′ x 12 | 8′ x 15′ | 8′ x 20
With those sizes we have so many options of frames to suit all budgets.

Fabric 8 x 10 Media Wall

What type of frames should I use for Step and Repeat Backdrops?

  • Jumbo Backdrop Stands

    Jumbo Backdrop Stands are very popular.

    We have a few to choose from, depending on which one that meets your needs the can go as small as 4.5 feet wide all the way to 12 feet. We would hemm a pole pocket on top and bottom of your step and repeat. Grommets are not only needed for the sides however we can also add them if you’d like. The frames are black, the poles are thick and high quality and they come with a free carry case.

  • Tension Fabric Display Stands

    Tension Fabric Displays come in  8, 10, 15 and 20 feet wide. We also make custom sizes.
    These are our favorite as the quality is 2nd to none. The fabric is a beautiful stretch fabric which slips over the frame like a pillowcase and a zipper is on the bottom. Once zipped it will ensure your logo wall is wrinkle and crease free. Set up is easy.

  • Pop up Displays

    Pop up Displays are very popular. The standard size for a step and repeat is 8 or 10 feet wide.
    You can order with or with End Caps, which are the sides of the display.

    Set up is simple. Simply pop it up and lock the hooks! Should take no less than 2 or 3 minutes. We suggest lying it on the floor first, preferably with a 2nd person.

  • Step and Repeat Backdrops

    Step and Repeats are very popular to just purchase the fabric media wall if you already have your own stand.

    It is the most economical solution! You can order any size. There are also different fabrics available depending on your budget.

What material should I print my Red Carpet Backdrops on?

We made a blog about the differences between vinyl and fabric step and repeats  here. The fabric is best because it absorbs the camera flash while vinyl would typically reflect it. We would almost always recommend fabric, however, we have made vinyl and canvas step and repeats. 

Press Media logo Wall Step and Repeat

How can I ship my Step and Repeat Backdrop? What is your turnaround time?

We typically ask for about 1 week in advance from us to you. Regardless if you’re in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles or New York we can provide the same timelines.
In fact, we ship for free to most places worldwide and timing is typically the same as we use either FedEx or DHL services.

1 to 3 days to print and 2 to 5 days to ship! Rural areas and certain countries take longer. For example, we once shipped to a small city in Kazakhstan. The shipment took 2 weeks due to its location, that is beyond our control. However, if you’re in Ontario or Texas, Ohio or Alberta no problem it will be there before you know it! Here are our Shipping Policies.

All of our frames come with carrying cases, some such as the pop-up display or Waveline Tension Fabric displays you have an option of a soft or hard case.

Do you provide Graphic Design for my Step and Repeat?

Of course! There are a few ways to do this.

First, if you have your own graphic designer, here are our printing specs.
Here are our instructions How to Design your own Step and Repeat

If you would like us to do it, that’s also no problem!
Often this is free of charge, however, conditions apply such as how many logos you have, the complexity of the design and how many revisions.

Step and Repeat Toronto

What kind of Events need a Step and Repeat Media Wall?

Many events can also benefit from having a logo wall. You’ve likely seen them on TV for Hollywood style red carpet events as well as award shows. They are also very popular with weddings for photography backdrops and as an alternative to photo booths. Birthday parties bar and bat mitzvahs, stags and stagettes, and so much more.
Press Conference backdrops for political speeches and sports entertainment are also popular.

How much will my Step and Repeat Media Walls Cost?

We have logo walls for all budgets. Cheap and Cheerful to Luxury Versions and everything in-between.

Simply  Quote For Print services And we will get back to you, usually within hours!

Hollywood Backdrop

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