Upload and Printing Specifications

There are 3 ways

to Send us your Files





Files under 10mb can be emailed direct to the sales associate who has been assisting you or  info@ohmyprintsolutions.com.au




File Formats

We accept Vector Files and Raster Files. Please note that all files are not created equal and all can have their own unique sets of challenges.

We also accept files such as .JPG and .PNG however these would need to be in large format. Another excellent acceptable file is called .TIF


Vector Files

Preferred for most artwork that does not involve real world images such as scenery or people.

Vector Files end in .PDF | .EPS | .AI  

Raster Files end in .JPG | .PNG | .TIF

The different between vector and raster files is that raster are made with pixels and when we expand them for large format printing, they will pixelate. Whereas a vector file can be expanded to any size without losing quality.


for Large Format Printing

For raster file best results please build your files

150 DPI at Full Size (100%)

300 DPI at Half Size (50%)

600 DPI at Quarter Size (25%)



All Fonts Must be Converted to Outlines

If needed please click and follow the easy instructions in the link above.

This is the most common file error submitted and one of the easiest to avoid. We can not be held responsible if your fonts change because this step was not taken. Upon file inspection we will make every effort to warn you however sometimes on proofing computers we may already have this font installed and therefore it would not present us any warning.

An excellent resource is Google Fonts.
https://fonts.google.com/ where you may able to find your particular font, download it and send it to us if we are the ones take care of your graphic design. Note that some fonts are free and some cost money.

Pantone Colour Matching Chart


The Pantone colour matching system is one of the best methods to ensuring precise colour matching. Not all printing processes use the pantone printing.

Still the best method if colour matching is important to you is to provide a Pantone Number.
From here we can match it to the nearest CMYK which our printing machines typically work from. Not all computers are calibrated the same therefore if you provide a CMYK number to us, it will not match as well as a pantone.


Colour Matching

When precise colour matching is crucial please provide a spot colour reference with a “PANTONE” callout for solid coloured areas. CMYK colour code must also be set up to match the pantone colour code as prescribed by the PANTONE digital CMYK colour coding & matching system. 

Please note that while every effort is made to match the specific colour, your computer screen and the material it is printed on may slightly differ.

Since CMYK and RGB are specific to the device they are created on, there is no general conversion formula. Instead they are done through colour management systems using colour profiles that describe that space being converted.

CMYK to RGB conversions can not be 100% exact

Colour Matching Resources

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